Silpakorn University Visit Tzu Chi University

Silpakorn University Visit Tzu Chi University

72 members including professors and students from Silpakorn University, led by the Vice President Associate Professor Dr. Phitak Siriwong to visit Tzu Chi University on July 9th, 2018. Originally as School of Fine Arts, the school was successfully changed as Silpakorn University, founded by Mr. Corrado Feroci (or Silpa Bhirasri after becoming Thai citizen) in 1943. In present, the school encompasses 13 faculties, 1 international college, and 1 graduate school. The purpose and mission of the university has been broadened since the establishment of the university in order to cultivate Thai students excelling in different fields.

The professors and the students had the opportunity to experience Tzu Chi Humanities courses which consists of tea ceremony as well as calligraphy. Moreover, they also went to experience how Tzu Chi volunteers conducted recycling to preserve the environment, and went to Jing Si Hall to gain deeper insight and understanding about Tzu Chi’s Four Missions. Later evening, the students from Silpakorn University performed Thai traditional dance, Muay Thai and other Thai performance, while the students from Tzu Chi University perform the signature sign language “Giving Love”. Both universities’ students learned about the profound uniqueness of the delicate performance.

Tzu Chi University’s Dean of Students Affairs, Professor Kun-Ruey Shieh, showed his sincere welcoming towards Silpakorn University for coming to exchange at Tzu Chi University. He hoped that this memorable trip would create a magnificent experience for the students and professors. The Vice President of Silpakorn University, Dr. Phitak Siriwong, shared his heartfelt feeling that it was the first time that the university came to Tzu Chi University, showing gratitude towards all the staff from Tzu Chi University to give them such a warm caring and valuable assistance to make this a wonderful experience at the university, hoping that two universities will be creating deeper relationship in the future.

Assistant to the President of Silpakorn University, Mr. Pawaris Mina, praised the freshmen for doing a wonderful job to take care and plan the event. Apart from that, he shared that the students from Silpakorn University were the representatives of excellence from different faculties. The university had interviewed the students not only to understand their purposes, but also encouraged them to think and step outside from their comfort zone, creating social engagement plan for local communities. Furthermore, the purpose of visiting Tzu Chi in Hualien is to gain much deeper insight on how Tzu Chi Foundation has been dedicating to local communities. Hopefully, he could learn the spirit and method of Tzu Chi, leading the younger generation to dedicate and provide necessary assistance to the local communities in Thailand.

Tzu Chi University has been in research and exchange cooperation with numerous universities from Thailand. Despite the fact that this was a short exchange, but it has marked as a prominent beginning for both universities to seek further cooperation and exchange program in the near future.